Air to Air - Heating & Cooling

Air to Water - Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

Ground Source - Heating, Cooling & Hot Water


When replacing a boiler or choosing products for a new property, heat pumps are a cost effective, energy efficient alternative. Air to Water and Ground Source systems can replace a boiler. Air to Air Systems can heat and cool a whole house or individual units can act as backup systems or heat and cool a conservatory.





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The Government, local councils,The Carbon Trust and The ECA list all offer loans, grants and tax breaks.

Did you know VAT on the supply and installation of heat pumps to residential homes is only 5% ?



Renewable Energy

Natural Energy Resources are all around us. The sun,wind, the earth we walk on absorbes vast amounts of heat. Now is the time to harness these resources to reduce our carbon footprint and in many cases to hugely reduce running costs for your heating and water systems.

At Domair we specialise in creating the best solutions for your green energy needs. We offer advice, design, installation and maintenance.

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Solar Thermal for domestic or commercial hot water is the fastest growing renewable technology across Europe.


Solar PV for domestic or commercial electricity production. Expected new feed in tariffs to sell excess power back to the grid may be financially advantageous.

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